Churches timeline:

1868 – Kaikorai Presbyterian Church, Cnr Nairn Street & Taieri Road.

1870s – Roslyn Institute (Hall), High Street (Highgate). The Roslyn Institute provided a venue for Presbyterian, Anglican and Methodist worship services in the 1870s.

1877 – Weslyan Methodist Church, Forth (now Walton St) on lower side halfway between School Street and Tweed Street (now Wright Street). 1893 moved and became Roslyn Methodist at 147 Taieri Rd.

1968 combined with Kaikorai Presbyterian.

1880 – St John the Evangelist (Anglican) cnr Wright St, Highgate.

1880s – St Alban’s opposite Roslyn Mills sited near St Alban Street.

1889 – Kaikorai Baptist, Kaikorai Valley Rd.

1908-1909 moved to Taieri Road below Tyne St. (became Roslyn Baptist Church).

1997 moved to Roslyn Shopping Centre.

1895 – Church of Christ – Oddfellows Hall, School Street opposite the side entrance to Kaikorai School. 1915 moved across to corner Tyne St & Taieri Rd till July 1963.

1899 – Kaikorai Gospel Hall, 96 Taieri Rd. (later moved to Brockville).

1900-1953 – Roslyn City Mission Charasmatic – City Rd. Nothing else known.

1901 – Roslyn Presbyterian, next to No.9 High Street (Highgate).

1902 approx-1912 St. Alban’s Anglican, 148 Kaikorai Valley Rd. (branch of St. John’s Anglican).

1904 – Maori Hill Presbyterian. cnr Drivers Rd. & Highgate.

1912 – St Mary’s Roman Catholic – Taieri Rd cnr Gilmore St. Foundation stone laid 30th June 1912.

1916 – Roslyn Salvation Army Hall, City Road then 115 Highgate from 1920 till 1947.

1936 – Roslyn Gospel Hall – 46 City Rd till some time after 1950.


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