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Yes – this started as a collection of Kaikorai suburb memories – but there’s no reason why we can’t share memories about other places on this website… if you contribute something from somewhere else, I’ll add to the ‘categories’ to include it.

I had originally thought of calling it ‘Neighbourhood History’ – but decided that it would be better to capture people’s memories rather than try to make a website of ‘factual’ history – when often the information we have is based on people’s recollections – which are not necessarily true to fact…. hence the emphasis on ‘memories’, not ‘history’.

Yes – if you have some memories and/or photos you’d like to contribute, you will need to register. Once we have approved your registration, you’ll be able to contribute your own articles. The articles will be held for us to publish – as I’m sure we will have spammers attempting to contribute¬†articles!

Please note that once you have registered, use the contact form below to let us know a bit about the article(s) you want to contribute – this will help us distinguish you from the endless spammers who try to register.

I want the material to be available to everyone – and not require them to go to a social media website to see them. For instance, I think material on this website could be a valuable resource for School children – but I would not want them to have to engage in a social media site to access the material.

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  1. I lived on Kinsman Street from birth 1947 until 1965 – I found this site when searching for street name changes – I have found it interesting – is it still being maintained in 2015

    • Hi Kevin,

      Glad you found the site interesting… it is still being maintained, in that when I have the occasional free evening I’m moving more and more articles over from the now defunct website that the late Alan Gilchrist created.

      I’m thinking of adding a feature where you can sign up to receive e-mails when new articles are posted… let me know if you think this would be useful.

      Cheers, Ross

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