Kaikorai Presbyterian Church – Early History

The original church and manse in 1868.
[Image (K126) from Kaikorai Presbyterian Church 1868-1918 Jubilee Souvenir Booklet]

Historical Narrative

From pages 22-23 of Kaikorai Presbyterian Church Jubilee Booklet (1868-1918)

The following interesting narrative, written by the Rev. Robert Hood, who resided at Halfway Bush, and who greatly interested himself in the formation of the Congregation, is extracted from the original Session book of the Congregation, and forms a prelude to the first Minutes:-

First Prayer Meetings

In the year 1852 a weekly prayer meeting was commenced in the district of Wakari and Kaikorai (then commonly called the Halfway Bush) by the Rev. Mr. Jeffreys, who resided at the Forbury. These meetings were continued regularly after Mr. Jeffreys left the district, first at “Hood Hall” (old Fern-tree house), the Rev. Robert Hood’s, and thereafter at the Wakari Schoolhouse. Continue reading

The Coal Yard & other stories (Part 6)


The Kaikorai tram with tram sheds behind.

The Kaikorai tram with tram sheds behind.

Up the road a little further was a zig zag track that took pedestrians up the north side to Helensburgh Road and Riding the cable cars always had atmosphere that can not be re lived on modern transport systems. If the weather was cold we tried to ride in the enclosed areas at the back or front of the cars. In fine weather however to sit on the outwards facing seats on either side was much more fun. By the time the cable car had started up a steep part of the track, there was always room for another passenger at the uphill end of the seat. During rush hour the crowds would pile on. Holding onto the straps that hung from over head bars was like a ride in the fun park. Continue reading