The Ammunition Track: Recollections from Ernie Scudamore

The Ammunition Track

The Ammunition Track

Well Alan, you’ve asked the right person about the Ammunition Track, as for the bike track near Mellor and Greenock St’s, I suspect it would be one of many push-bike tracks that appeared on vacant blocks of land around Dunedin with the advent of of the Tahuna Park Speedway about 1948.

Cycle Speedway took off in a fairly big way about then with kids in every neighbourhood (myself included) forming teams and going around the various tracks to compete. We had to build up our own bikes as the likes of BMX bikes hadn’t been invented then! Tracks I rode on included one at Waverley where 4ZB once broadcasted from and ‘The Star Sports’ took photos, one on the foreshore off Andy Bay Road when the Harbour Board was reclaiming it with silt pumped from the Vulcan dredge south of where Portsmouth Drive is now. Another track was on Butts Road where the Logan Park High School is now.

Regarding the Ammunition Track for motorcycle racing, it was as the name suggests an ammunition dump during the war years and after the army had finished with it, it was farmed by a Mr.Fox who was keen on motorcycle racing.   I am enclosing a cutting from the ‘Star Sports’ which has a photo of me in it taken about 1955 probably, it’s a copy of a copy I think and not very good but you’ll get the idea.  Not sure when the Otago Motorcycle Club stopped using it, probably in the mid sixties. The track was at the top of Townley Road just north of the Burnside freezing works.  I also rode at the Tahuna Park Speedway for a couple of years and before it was a speedway, on the Tahuna Park A & P showgrounds as a 1/4 mile grass track.


(Original Article by Allan Gilchrist)


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